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Specifikation: RCB-2W
Brug dele: 10000- dele
Evne til forsyninger: 100000 Piecer/måned
Betingelser for betaling: TT,LC,Andre
Rating af præcision:høj
Sted for oprindelse:Zhejiang, Kina
Behandling på overfladen:Kobber/Zinkplader af tin
Smøremisering:Selvsmørelse af PTFE


RCB-20-smøremidler på samme måde som SF-2-serier.

  1. 1.It can reduce vibration, noise, pollution and improve working conditions.
  2. 2.In the process of operation, it can form a transfer film and play a role in protecting the grinding shaft. The hardness requirement of grinding shaft is low, which reduces the machining difficulty of related parts.
  3. 3.Thin wall structure, light weight, can reduce the mechanical volume.
  4. 4.POM 0.03-0.50mm, anti abrasion, low friction coefficient even no oil given. The inside of the bearing are full ofindentions, which need to be filled with grease before installing.
    5.Bronze powder layer, 0.2-0.35mm, high load capacity and anti-abrasion, good thermal conductivity, which also further strengthen the combination of the POM layer and steel plate.
    6.Low carbon steel, which improved, load capacity & thermal conductivity.
  5. 7.Copper/Tin plating layer, 0.002mm, anti-corrosion.


Max load
Static load

Operation temp.

Low-speed rotation

Max Linear Velocity
Grease lubrication


Keep to supplying oil
Max PV

Thermal conductivity
Coefficient of thermal expansion

Friction coefficient


Varen kan anvendes under høj belastning med lav hastighed, rotation, oscillering og kan også anvendes i et ikke-flydende smøremiddel, der ofte skifter med belastning; den del kan fungere med olie, og den vil have en lang levetid, hvis oliegiver; POM-laget kan bearbejdes under installering, hvilket gavner parringen.

De produkter, der nu hovedsagelig anvendes inden for metalindustrien, kunstvandingsanlæg, landbrugsmaskiner osv.

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